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It makes sense for suppliers to partner with Worldties for the following reasons:

  • Legal certainty. We are a US-based company. We are subject to United States law. Your legal department is probably more familiar with US law than Guatemalan law, for example.
  • Simplicity. Your company will sign and administer one contract, instead of one contract per country.
  • Cost savings. No need to hire somebody to travel the territory to develop the market on your behalf, an expensive and uncertain proposition. At Worldties we make extensive use of the latest technologies to conduct our business in a cost- effective manner, so that we can focus our combined resources where it really counts: dominating the markets.
  • Time to market. It also takes some time to find good distributors to represent your company. We have done that work for you. Because of the instant exposure and the limited upfront expense, we make the decision to go international easy for your company.
  • Culture. We are a true international entity. We will help you bridge, not only language-barriers, but also cultural barrier that stand between your company and the locals.
  • Presence. In addition to local warehousing, we bring customer contacts and market expertise to make your product successful at a local level. Many companies, in fact, do not engage in business unless you have local presence.

Featured Suppliers


They are a high quality supplier of copper connectivity solutions. Fiber components done right. Please visit for more information.


One of the widest product selections for datacenters. Central Office fiber connectivity systems and quality you expect from an ex-Alcatel facility. Please check it out here


Fiber termination solutions. Wide selection of fiber enclosures, Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) and Fiber termination Boxes. Just let us know what you need!


The RF signal handling over traditional coaxial cable or fiber optics. To learn more, please visit


Hardware for the outside plant (OSP) installations. Stainless steel strapping systems, ADSS fiber installations, etc.

New Technologies

Our wide product portfolio is helping our international customer base in the transition from traditional, narrowband, phone services to the new world of broadband, wireless and the internet, like FTTX, PON, G4, HDTV etc.

We listen to their needs and provide them with several alternatives to their specific, locally driven, requirements. At the same time, we are able to save them vital capital expenditures funds by switching from traditional suppliers to alternative companies that offer the same level of carrier-class piece of mind.


The following links are PDFs that describe a number of our product lines.