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We are all part of a team. No member is more important than another. We all have our role within the organization, and we can only be successful when each and every one of us is successful -- like a soccer team!

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Why Partner with Worldties?

  • Has your company lost competitiveness?
  • Are you having problems finding manufacturers?
  • Is a lack of technical support getting in the way of closing deals?

Equipment manufacturers have been facing dramatic budget cuts for years. As a result, they are presently focusing on their core products and their main markets. That move has left second- tier markets unattended.

Additionally, we all have experienced the loss of valuable sales managers that interfaced with our companies. In some cases, those managers have been replaced by younger, lower-paid candidates that lack experience and a knowledge of the market dynamics. In other cases, we saw those friends let go and their positions left unfilled.

By partnering with us, your company will enter a pool of companies already operating in the markets. Manufacturers give us their technical support and attention because we cover several countries for them simultaneously. This means our combined revenue is bigger than that of any single country and we can get better prices than individual companies. As we like to say, “I could not have done it without the rest of you”.

What Worldties Will Do For You

At Worldties our job is to take the load of finding manufacturers and managing those relationships off our member’s shoulders. We have a wide array of manufacturers with whom we do business. You just need to bring your company with your local presence. We take care of the suppliers; you take care of your customers.

You can expect from Worldties high quality, carrier-class products at extremely competitive prices. You will be given technical information, marketing material and, most importantly, market intelligence about the going-rate in your markets and the customers currently buying those products.

We have the simple policy, based on more than 12 years of international experience, that one distributor per country is the right number. No member of Worldties will compete against any other member. Furthermore, if Worldties holds an exclusive distribution agreement with one manufacturer, those exclusive rights will be extended to the members as well.