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"I was not familiar with telecommunications. My business is geared toward the power industry. By partnering with Worldties not only do I get access to world-class products, but also I am told how to sell them. They have participated in joint calls with my customers and have helped me to show them why our products are superior. The fact that they are more than open to customization and that Worldties provides customer references and price targets makes the act of selling even easier."

Diego Burgos
President of Inter Alamca

"By partnering with Worldties I am back in the telecom business. I had witnessed how by sticking to traditional suppliers I was losing market share by the day. A few months after I started my collaboration with Worldties, I have literally a line of customers requesting price and availability…a dream come true! Worldties has been extremely accommodating by offering the products my market wants, instead of asking my customers to adapt to their product portfolio. I am looking forward to 2011; a great year already, thanks in part to Worldties."

William Bartlett
Principal at Distelsa

A few words about us

At Worldties we believe in listening to what our customers have to say, what our customers really need and find the supplier that can deliver, instead of working all the way around. Because of that, we have a highly flexible product portfolio that fits like a glove to our customers. It is not a surprise, since they told us what is it that they are willing to buy.

This philosophy goes beyond products. We conduct our whole business in a way that makes it easy for our customers to engage with us. We only exist to serve our customers.

They talk… we listen!

Why Choose Us?

Here's a great reason.

Four different interpretations of optical splitters inside fiber enclosure per one of our potential customer’s requests. Try that with your current supplier!