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A true international trading company with one goal: to introduce world-class manufacturers of telecommunications equipment to carriers from all over the planet.

By making the switch from traditional suppliers, our customers enjoy top quality equipment at affordable prices. That way, they can meet the challenge of increased demand of services with shrinking capital expenditure budgets.

Latest Additions

Flexible Fiber

Forget what you think you know about fiber.

With our product you can forget about the basic rules of installing fiber like macro or micro bending, pulls and pressure points. Install this fiber as you would do with a copper wire. We are the only company offering up to 12 fiber count bundles at the present moment. The product is fully developed and we have both singlemode and multimode fiber cables.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Environment
  • Tight Bending Radius
  • Longevity
  • Ultra-low Bending Loss
  • Fire Retardant LSZH
  • Cardboard Box Package

Product Reviews

IP65 Termination and Splice Box

As carriers become more and more, interested in FTTX solutions, we keep incorporating solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Here is a good example of an indoor/outdoor IP65 rated termination and splicing box. We believe this solution has a big potential market in our territories, particularly since it hits the right price point.

Small and Large-scale Datacenter Solutions

With Canovate we carry one of the most comprehensive, attractive and cost competitive answers to the datacenter environment. From cold aisle solutions to the ability to monitor temperature, moisture, power consumption, etc... We have you covered with our premier partner.